I believe that you are the architect of your own existence. 

I have a love of movement and a passion to help people move. I have never viewed fitness and wellness as a means to an end. It's a lifestyle. Something that should be incorporated into your everyday, be enjoyable and fun. It's a joy, not a utility.

The strength that you will gain through exercise will work through your muscles, your mind and your full body. It will transcend the physical and empower you to be a better person. In your relationships, your work, your day to day. I know this because it has done this for me. Moving, feeling my muscles, gaining body awareness, getting outside, has given me perspective, confidence, self sufficiency, empowerment. It has helped me overcome the most difficult of times. And helped me have the best of times. It's not fluff. It's science. Endorphins help us cope and exercise and meditation gives us some serious boost of endorphins. 

And this is why I am passionate about healthy behavior. Because it will only encourage more healthy behavior. And it's contagious. Once you have the bug, you'll attach it to those around you. It will translate to generations of change. You have one body. Why wouldn't you treat it like gold? 

Each day gives you the opportunity to be better than you were the day before. With movement, that ability becomes ten-fold. You will see the world differently. You will feel amazing. And you will become the architect of your own existence. 

Life is an adventure. One we should dress for, work for and ultimately LOVE. Let's sweat. Let's laugh. Let's work it!

Plank session overlooking Levanto in Liguria, Italy.

Plank session overlooking Levanto in Liguria, Italy.