Don't freak out, get out

Yes, sitting is the new smoking. Or maybe worse... but let's not freak out. Learn about why sitting for long periods of time can be very bad for you and why with this scary graphic. 

Do you think we should start to put these on chairs like those warning labels on cigarette packs? How about no - but let's do these things instead: 

1. Drink lots of water. Why? Because it is awesome for you and the more hydrated you are, the more you'll need to go tinkle. And I hope that if you need to do that, you'll get out of your seat. 

2. Set a timer. Use your phone, your computer, your awesomly vintage clock that you just bought on Etsy. Set a timer for every 15-30 minutes. Get off your butt for a bit when it goes off. Even if you don't go far, get up.

3. Track it. If you're into gadgets, look into getting a FitBit, Nike Fuelband, JawBone. These trackers are great motivators to keep you accountable on how much activity - but most useful - steps, you are getting in a day. These are only as good as you make it, but they can be really fun and powerful tools!

4. Make some rules. Get creative. Talk on the phone standing. For those of  you at a desk job, give yourself a rule that if you are on a conference call, you'll stand up and walk around for parts of it. Or that if you have to ask a coworker something, you'll go to their office instead of email. 

5. Challenge yourself. The easy route is almost never the best choice. Is it easier to eat lunch at your desk? Look for a close parking spot? Take the elevator? Probably. Is it better? Never. Go for a walk and find a bench or place you can have lunch. Park further away. Take the stairs. Little things add up.