Half marathon - Week 1 Training

Saturday marked the first day of training for the Marin County Half trail/road marathon. 

I kicked it off with a 7.67 mile run. I started in Sausalito and ran on the Sausalito to Mill Valley multi-purpose path.  I was looking for a flat run to just get me in the training groove. That is exactly what this was, until I of course got a bit more ambitious. One thing I'm going to have to learn in this training is sticking to a plan. Just because you feel like crap, doesn't mean you can skip a run. And just because you feel awesome, doesn't mean you should run 10 miles instead of the planned 5.  

This was my first time running on the path so I had little idea where I was going, but plenty of time to explore. I ended up veering off the path and taking a route toward Tennessee valley. This proved to be great because I picked up a bit of trail and hills and went to the valley which is spectacular.  

The multi-purpose path is a great place to run but you have to be ready for many people - cyclists, walkers, tourists - aka obstacles. Off the path off was calm. 

The trail in Tennessee valley was on the left off of the entry/parking area. It was filled with Eucalyptus and a few people with dogs!  I ran that for 2 miles before heading back to my starting point. 

Tennessee Valley is where I fell in love with the Bay Area and decided I wanted to live here so going back there is blissful. 

Here are the stats for the run: 

  • Route - Sausalito to Tenn. Valley out and back
  • Distance - 7.5 miles
  • Mood - At the beginning, energized. During, clear minded, and excited about the run. After, appreciative and satisfied. Later, POOPED.
  • Thoughts - Daydreaming future travel plans
  • Run nugget - Stick to the plan. I wanted to go longer at one point because I felt good, but if I had, I would have been on a 10+ mile run. Sounds like a good plan, right? No. This is exactly how injury happens. Over extension is not a good thing. Know when to be patient and stick to your core. That's hard core too.
  • Jam of the run - Betty Who – Somebody Loves You
  • Instalove - Eucalypus for the Win!