Saying NO to Goal Setting

I've been following Danielle LaPorte for a several months now. She is very insightful, and I enjoy her approach to life and the nuggets of thoughts she shares via her email updates. 

I have also been following the lovely Francesca Cervero for her insights on teaching and what makes a great teacher. 

Since the New Year (which was 5 months ago - WHAAAAT?), I've wanted to post about my resolutions. But I knew that I didn't really want to make any resolutions. And now it's May, and I still haven't gotten around to writing about this. Procrastination, and living in Sunny California is a bitch. Just kiiiiiiding. 

My problem with goal setting, way before I learned about Danielle LaPorte, was that when I was setting goals, I was doing so with external motivators spurring me to set those goals. There was something that ultimately just didn't jive with me as I was doing this.

Usually, the resolutions and really my day-to-day thoughts run the gamut of:

Run 20 miles a week, get my mile pace down to 8 minutes for half marathons, be creative with teaching my pilates classes, learn students names, flake on people less, read more, learn how to meditate, meditate, write more. Pick up the phone, use Skype, think about the consequences of your decisions. Be less impulsive. Be more impulsive.

It's exciting stuff. Right? Or incredibly annoying. Either way, it wasn't getting me anywhere because these were not achievable things that I was setting myself toward. It's not only that these things weren't really "do-able", but mostly that it wouldn't be fulfilling or satisfying to go through the process of even trying to get there. Where ever "there" was.  

So where do you go if you want to grow but not set goals? Danielle's advice is to determine your desired feelings. How do you want to FEEL?

And then choose words to live by that will lead you feel that way. By following those desires, you will be lead toward making decisions that get you closer to those feelings. And closer to being fulfilled. And so, it is 5 months into 2014, that I am declaring my desired feelings for the year and some prompting questions to myself about how I'll get there. It's never too late, right?

Connected - How do I talk to my friends and family regularly so that I feel connected to them all the time, no matter where I am or they are?

Spacious - How do I make room in my life so that I can hear and be with my thoughts?

Motivated - How do I keep things lean and clean to move, play, work, be with positive intention? 

Inspired - How can I feed the fire that will keep my moving forward in all that I do? Keep the momentum and do it with energy. 

Present - How can I be here, in a real way, with myself and those around me? How can my atoms settle in all the exciting and vibrant and dull and calm parts of my life?