Allegra's passion for integrated health, movement and nutrition flows into strong and inspired pilates, vinyasa yoga and restorative yoga classes. Allegra energizes and motivates students to create deep awareness in their bodies and find their edge both physically and emotionally, with the goal of empowering students to live healthy, happy lives. 

Through a deep understanding of alignment, anatomy, movement and therapeutics, Allegra teaches invigorating group classes as well as develops pilates & yoga based programs for individuals and groups based on physical needs, desires and goals. With a deep desire to always keep learning, and an understanding that every body is so different, Allegra continues to explore the expansiveness of how movement in our bodies can create healthy movement in our lives. Allegra resides in San Francisco where she teaches publicly and privately for Mint Studios and Mighty Pilates.

Allegra is especially interested in the neurological connections between the brain, mindfulness and movement. 

Through Allegra's practice,  power and value of understanding one’s own body to achieve personal and emotional goals is central. Her teaching style is challenging, disciplined, and calm. In classes you’ll find detailed cues and a combination of challenging exercises to help you discover muscles that you have never felt before.

She enjoys traveling (especially to Italy to see family and friends), joining a good dance party, reading, cooking (healthy!), discovering restaurants, digging into movement principles and anatomy (nerd alert!) and spending time with friends. San Francisco, her hipster, soul mate city is different than her hometown of Wellesley, Massachusetts and she loves every bit of West Coast living!

Daily Mantra: everyday gives you the opportunity to be better than you were yesterday. 


Balanced Body University

Comprehensive Apparatus & Mat Pilates

BB Barre

Anatomy of Movement & Anatomy in Clay

Fuse Pilates

Mat, Tower & Reformer (bridge program) 

Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis with Mariska Breland from Fuse Pilates

Yoga Medicine



Center for Women's Fitness

Pre-Post Natal Pilates with the Center for Women's Fitness

Pilates is an exercise system designed by a man named Joseph Pilates in the 1900’s.

The Pilates discipline encourages a holistic approach to exercise emphasizing balance in strength, breathing, flexibility, core strength and full mind-body awareness.  

While core strength and abdominals is what Pilates is most known for, Pilates is a program that offers a variety of functional exercises that can aid individuals throughout life.

It is a program that is low impact, high results and applicable to multiple groups from the serious athlete, to the newbie, young, old, pregnant, injured and those with serious and less medical conditions.

Pilates emphasizes form over reps with the idea that the more you can improve with the form, the less reps you will have to do to maximize the essence of the exercise. Each exercise is performed with the six pilates principles in mind:

  • Centering
  • Control
  • Flow
  • Breath
  • Precision
  • Concentration

In each exercise, you focus on the body as a connected series of parts.  While there will always be a primary mover or target in an exercise (legs, arms etc.), the rest of the body needs to be engaged to stabilize to get the safest, most efficient, and most effective exercise.

Pilates can be done on a mat or on apparatus that offer resistance through pulley systems, springs and ones own body weight. The machines include the reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, ladder barrel and step barrel.

There are many benefits to incorporating Pilates into your exercise plans. It can help with posture, back pain, injuries and many medical conditions. It is not only for women or dancers. Men, women, kids, non athletes, athletes, performers, professionals, seniors and more reap the benefits of pilates.

Mat and apparatus work include hundreds of exercises that can exercise every single part of your body, whether you are recovering from an injury or training for a big event.

As an instructor, Allegra been trained in contemporary pilates via the Balanced Body and Fuse methods. What this means is that she teaches a form of pilates that is rooted in Joseph Pilate’s original method, but infused new exercises, sequencing and music that make it different than what is called a "classical" Pilates style.

All you need to know is that it will be very good for you and a lot of fun!

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual discipline comprised of so many elements including, breath control, meditation and body postures (asana). Allegra teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga which is varied and overs many yoga traditions. The word Vinyasa means synchronized movement. Poses run together smoothly with the breath as a guide.  Vinyasa is diverse, not glued to one single philosophy. Allegra's classes are set with purpose, fluid and meant to build endurance, heat, flexibility and a full mind/body connection. Allegra also teaches restorative yoga with a therapeutic approach and deep attention to anatomy to meet the needs of individual students.